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Estate planning involves the creation of legal arrangements to preserve and protect your assets during life, and to pass your assets to your intended beneficiaries in an effective and efficient manner after death.

The tax laws have been modified to enable most individuals and couples to transfer wealth without engaging in complex tax planning techniques. However, for clients who continue to have exposure to estate taxes, we can advise and assist.

When a loved one dies, a family member or trusted friend is often tasked with administering the estate. If a formal probate is required, the administration process will involve qualification of the executor, notices to the heirs and beneficiaries, and more.

Individuals serving as trustees engage our firm for assistance with trust administration, including monthly monitoring of the investments held in the trust, preparation of the annual accounting for the trust, and preparation and filing of the annual tax returns required for the trust.

We often provide advice and assistance to clients who desire to make significant gifts to charity. We can help clients implement outright transfers to charitable organizations, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and private family foundations.

We help clients establish corporations and limited liability companies, including the structure and drafting of shareholders agreements, operating agreements, buy-sell agreements and other arrangements for the management and ownership transition of closely-held enterprises.

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When the time comes to prepare or update your estate plan, you are going to want lawyers with experience and insight — someone who will help you not only determine how you want your assets to be distributed but also preserve and protect those assets for future generations. Similarly, if you are involved in business or tax planning, you want lawyers with an understanding of the impact such an issue has on your future.

At NB Law Group, PLLC we are committed to helping clients achieve their goals through personalized counsel and representation.