Philanthropic Planning

Philanthropic Planning

We often provide advice and assistance to clients who desire to make significant gifts to charity.  We can help clients implement:

  • Outright transfers to charitable organizations, including advice on income tax compliance (such as qualified appraisals, required acknowledgments and reporting);
  • Charitable remainder trusts (a trust designed to provide a stream of income to one or more individuals for life or a period of years, with the remainder passing to one or more charities);
  • Charitable lead trusts (a trust designed to provide annual income to one or more charities for a period of years, with the remainder passing outright or in further trust for one or more individuals)
  • A private family foundation (often used by high-net worth individuals to establish a family gifting plan and as the recipient of a substantial portion of the estate at death).

Neal Brodsky


I concentrate my law practice on planning for the transfer of family wealth and the design and implementation of tax-advantaged asset transfers. I also help clients establish and administer closely-held business and real estate entities, such as corporations and limited liability companies.

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When the time comes to prepare or update your estate plan, you are going to want lawyers with experience and insight — someone who will help you not only determine how you want your assets to be distributed but also preserve and protect those assets for future generations. Similarly, if you are involved in business or tax planning, you want lawyers with an understanding of the impact such an issue has on your future.